Lone Wolves Stick Together: Roleplaying Style

Narrativist & Collaborative

There is nothing to win, nobody to defeat, no real secret to crack (apart from inner secrets, perhaps). Accept other players ideas and invitations and try to help them understanding yours.

The intensity of your story will depend on what you want to create together.

The characters’ backgrounds and the tapes you will be asked to listen to are here to help you and to inspire you. Fill the gaps as you please. Should you want to take another direction, feel free to twist your character accordingly – as long as it doesn’t make others unable to play.

You never have the obligation to play. If you feel it makes no sense for your character to engage in the discussion and if you don’t want to partake in a scene, you can get out of the scene.

Keep in mind, however, that it can sometimes be interesting to stick to a situation that is difficult to understand or to play.


Flexible & Surreal

Contradictions and paradoxes are part of the game. The two groups might contradict each other, but both versions are valid, both versions happened/are happening.

Archetypes, real, fantasized, past and future are likely to get mixed up; do not try to make it coherent.

The game is gender neutral, you can switch from one to another, to none, for you and for other characters. 

The information revealed by one group, are somewhat intuitively revealed to the other group, and both groups can use them in their narration.


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