You are a wolf.

A wolf that cannot live the life of the herd.

Homesick, homeless, awaken.

Your restlessness is calling for a miracle.

Whether you’re suffering from the writer’s block and it is driving you mad,
Whether you want to save a loved one from a terminal disease,
Whether you want the world to be less of a mess,

It seems to you that your very last resort is to seek the Room,
The one place, where all most intimate desires come true.


Today you are taking action. Today, you are going to the Zone,
and you cannot go there alone.

But after this strenuous journey exploring your conflicted desires and wants,

Once you’ve made it to the antechamber of the Room,

Will you be afraid of what your heart truly wishes for?
Will you still want to cheat fate?
Will you still want to escape?


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