The Project

Lone Wolves Stick Together will be a hybrid experience between 360 video and VR.

In the game, you’re playing a member of an expedition that ventures through a mysterious path in hope of getting their desires granted in a mystical Room.

It is freely inspired by the Tarkovsky’s movie Stalker (1979), itself inspired by the book Roadside Picnic by the Strugatski brothers.

The game is for 6 players, that play two different expeditions that take place in two different temporalities,  which journey mirrors each other’s.

This sort of game is what we call a “narrativist” roleplaying game.

Roleplaying, because you act as your character.

Narrativist, because there’s nothing to win and no riddle to solve, but only a story to create together, by interacting with one another, as our character.

At this point (March 2018), the game design is roughly finished, and, for now, this project exists as a physical live action game, which was playtested once.